There are going to be some truly great things that we do in life, but we need to make sure that our ego does not take the front runner to these achievements. 

“We are exactly where we are supposed to be in this place and time exactly as we are.”

In life we are presented with two sides of our self.  Our ego which focuses so much on the physical part of life.  This is where we are focused on titles, positions, the labels of things.  Ego can also be a root focus pertaining to our opinions and setting standards for our expectation of others. 

Our higher self is where we stay in an observational state of awareness.  There is nothing but pure love and joy found within the higher self.  There is no judgements, opinions, or expectations.  Whatever there is…is as it should be.  We are exactly where we are supposed to be in this place and time exactly as we are.  It’s full acceptance of our current state with nothing but admiration for our ability to be here in the now.

All of us have an inner glow and passion that will strive to seek completion of certain achievements.  Some of it is our life path to learn and evolve into new versions of ourselves.  We need to be cautious to not allow the ego to take over with our successes.  We can always hold appreciation of our accomplishments, but once we allow the ego to become empowered and over charged with pride we then make it about ourselves and not about the message that is trying to be revealed. 

Many times, we see the ego expressed through competition.  It can strongly funnel the drive from within that gets us to push for greatness.  However, if we allow the ego to become overrun…this is when you witness smashing of rackets, unwillingness to accept defeat, and poor sportsman like conduct.  We can visually see the reaction of the higher-self take over when witnessing an athlete that has put forth their best game and completely surrenders to defeat.  This is always followed by a “wow” shock and a nod followed by a handshake of “great game” usually with lifted smile or laugh crossing the face towards the other opponent.  This is a perfect example of the beauty that shines from within and how to create the balance in our physical world of keeping ego and higher-self working in balance. 

This sets the example for others that even on our best days…there may be defeat.  But knowing that we have put our best foot forward and even having faced defeat…that was a very impressive and impressionable moment to have lived through.  It’s the magic of life efforts coming to fruition….so what’s the message?  Allow the powers at be to play out life’s course with less resistance to the outcome. 

Allow your ego to thrive with its strengths but keeping the complications silent.  Stay in a peaceful heightened state of awareness to ensure the ego does not become too full of itself as life plays out. And most importantly…look for the lesson to be learned from the experience.  Not just from within ourselves, but for the message that is being delivered to others from your experience.


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