Strong Armed or Canceled

The world seems to be a little edger than it used to be.   This doesn’t mean that we have to play in that behavior. As we have discussed in previous blogs on how to handle stress and staying with higher self, it is more important than ever to pay attention to what is happening with the world so that we ourselves do not get swept up into the vortex. 

                Lately, I have been watching this show called the “Gilded Age”.  It is based on times when the United States was speeding into progression. It was a time where everything seemed to be changing so quickly.  Business prospects, new machinery that had never been created or used before, along with the people of “new money”.  “New money” was earned on new ways of doing things that sounded odd or peculiar to people with old money.  Does any of this sound familiar?

                In times of progression there seems to be many variables at play but there seems to be one common trend.  Judgement and feeding the ego.  Society begins to separate for difference of opinion whether it be pro progression/change or what people should be putting their attention towards. With these perspectives, there seems to be a lot of strong arming to influence change.  If one does not comply, cancel culture is due to follow.

                In states of progression and change, one things is obvious…it can create a great divide.  What society doesn’t seem to realize time and time again, is this divide creates a world of excluders and the excluded. So even when society deems to cancel someone, they essential can not.  The person still exists.  They just might exist with one group or the other.  Forcing each group to create their own community.  Unfortunately, the long lesson is the hardest to grasp and that is the fact that eventually each group will eventually cross paths!  Each group will need the other at some point.  So wouldn’t it seem more appropriate if we learned to work together in the long run regardless. It not only sets a good example for our children, but it also sets us up to possible not repeat the past. 

                I personally feel that we all can do better than our predecessors of society. I believe that instead of falling victim to this progressionary process…we all should defy the odds and keep our opinions out of it!  Opinions are neither right or wrong, they are just different.  We need to respect each other’s space to live the way they choose to live it.  We need to better by focusing on creating our healthy world by seeking positive change through positive action.  If the age old tale tells us two wrongs don’t make a right.  Then why would our behaviors towards others not provide the same effect. 

Society is very much like a holiday family dinner.  There are family members that bring the best out of you and there are family members that bring the worst out of you.  But in the end, we learned to deal with each other because we are family.

 We are all in it together.

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