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Start your journey and achieve YOUR ideal health! We have the expertise to guide you through your path to create balance from within by providing what your mind, body, and energy need through exercise, nutrition, and soul awareness. 


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It's Time To Evolve! It's Time To Evolve!
It's Time To Evolve! It's Time To Evolve!

Welcome to KapitolHealth.com

Kapitol health is a fitness and nutrition training company designed to assist individuals achieve their ideal health in person or on their device. There are no contracts needed, no fancy workout gear required, and no unnecessary expectations. All that is needed is for one to be themselves. We can get through all things by setting our mind to the task at hand and working together to accomplish your health and wellness goals.

We are all in it together! We are all in it together!
We are all in it together! We are all in it together!

The Kapitol Health Community

Eliminate the void that is created by other social media platforms and come to the Kapitol Home.  This community was created to inspire our members with open honest discussions about health and wellness, in addition to creating a supportive network in facing what life throws at us.  To gain access to the Kapitol Health Community all it takes is just one purchase of our great products and services no matter what the price.

Your True Self Tool Box

At Kapitol health we pride ourselves on creating services and programs that people are looking for that will met anyone's budget.   Our wide variety of services just keeps growing from simple things like oils and focused programs, all the way to in person training.  If it doesn't exist..we'll create it for you!  No need to stress... our Kapitol Health professionals got your back! You're not in it alone.  

Focused Programs

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24 / 7 Guidance

Programs aimed to target specific locations. Rehabilitate your body from specific aches and pains OR enhance specific areas through sculpting your desired body type.



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Eat Smarter

How you fuel your body determines how you feel. Feeding your body with the right sources of nutrients primes your body for the work it needs to do. Regardless of what the focus is (losing weight, gaining muscle, or detoxifying your system), food selection is key to enhancing your health from the inside out.


Plans & Services

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One on One

We pride ourselves on providing a wide variety of services in person or virtually. Training in the comfort of your own home with no worries of equipment accessibility. All plans and services provide accountability and efficiency in achieving your ideal health.


Don’t wait to reach out. Contact us for more support and additional services. Explore More Services

"Our company was designed to help you establish HEALTHIER habits that in turn help you gain the energy you need to do the things you want to do!"
Founder of Kapitol Health

We Have Something For Everyone

Have you ever wanted an awesome workout to enhance a specific part of your body? Kapitol Health has you covered with our ever growing library of focused workout programs.  Each one of these workout video series was designed to help you achieve a unique goal and getting you succeeding safely and efficiently.

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Become a Kapitol Health Founder
Become a Kapitol Health Founder

Get everything you need to achieve your ideal life in one great limited time offer!

Give yourself a break and Achieve YOUR ideal health by taking advantage of this One limited time offer! Keep yourself accountable and advancing with your fitness routine by becoming a Kapitol health founder.

Why Kapitol Health?

Kapitol health is different from other training companies in the health industry.  It's mission has been to focus on the clients needs rather than sales pitch of the next fad trend.   Each individual is unique.  Which means each of us react to exercise, food, and stress differently.  Our Infinite health Instructors are trained to assess each individual and to find the most effective and efficient way in achieving their ideal health that makes sense to their unique lifestyle.  Any goal can be accomplished with hard work, dedication, and an open mind!

Custom Approach To Health

What works for your neighbor, may not work for you. This is why its important to pay attention to your unique nature and how it responds to exercise, food, and stress.

Years of Experience

Our Infinite Health Instructors are supplied with the experience to get you through all the phases in life. It doesn't matter if its learning the key concepts of health, needing some rehab, or just looking for motivation. We have it all here!

All in One Solution

Kapitol Health prides itself on being your one stop shop to all your health and wellness needs. If you we haven't already created it, you can guarantee its in process. We want our community to have the tools they need to succeed.

Years Of Experience
Happy Customers
Healthy Meals Prepared
Fulfilling Company Mission

Become a Kapitol Health Founder

We strive to enrich our members with the knowledge of what their body needs. No one person is the same, so cookie cutter concepts don’t work. Find the answers you’ve been looking for and take control of your health!

Become a founder and get exclusive
access to exercises and new app!

Nutrition Accountability

Enhance your knowledge for nutrition that fits your preferences while keeping yourself accountable.

Customized Exercise Programing

Be evaluated and receive unlimited workouts based on what your body needs.


You don't have to eat dirt to BE healthy!

It’s a fact that change is hard. Instead of making it more difficult, lets be practical and create habits that are sustainable for a lifetime. Most people jump into a concept for change only to find themselves becoming overwhelmed or quitting their new journey. If you don’t like or have time for meal prepping ….don’t do it! If you can’t stand kale….don’t force yourself to eat it! Change doesn’t have to suck!

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The Kapitol Health Podcast

Now available on all podcasting platforms. Abby Pagud brings her unique voice in discussing all the things that life brings! The Good, the bad, and the healthy! If you are looking to get the facts on all the noise out there, the kapitol life is the podcast to listen to. Abby's mission is to debunk all the bull and educate people on what's going on with their bodies. need answers to particular question...like, follow, and send her your question!


We Want to Keep Your Health Up to Date!

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Words From Our Kapitol Health Family!

Check out some of the things our clients are saying about us. 

Roland (54) Fairview, TX

I never realized how basic nutrition can make a huge difference on my waistline. Thank you for helping me make smart choices and reach my 60 lb weight loss goal in 8 mths! I still can’t believe how much food you made me eat everyday!

Wendi (38) Buffalo Grove, IL

Thank you for giving me such incredible advice in dealing with my daughters diagnosis of celiac disease and providing me with such valuable nutritional ideas to support her tiny frame while still participating in competitive gymnastics.

Pam (60) Buffalo Grove, IL

Heartfelt thanks to Abby for setting my feet on the path to better health awareness, nutritional savvy and exercise execution. With her knowledgeable help and caring way, I lost 10 lbs (and have been able to keep it off for 2 years now) and have maintained my bone density scores from the previous year without losing more bone mass. Woohoo! Its been a game changer for me!

Dylan (27) McKinney, TX

Abby with Kapitol Health is absolutely fantastic. Her vast knowledge of fitness and nutrition is unparalleled. She has been able to help me not only get on the road to achieving my ideal health, but also help heal injuries through fitness that I thought would require medical attention. Can’t recommend enough!

Anissa (33) McKinney, TX

Abby is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to!

Heather (35 Mundelein, IL

Abby is great! I had the pleasure of working with her when she lived in the Chicago land area. I worked with her throughout my fertility journey and pregnancy. She really took the time to understand me as a client and a person. I’m a type 1 diabetic with celiacs disease and none of that threw her for a loop – she was able to give me great nutritional advice and push my body past where I had been able to push it on my own!

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