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Kapitol health is a fitness and nutrition training company designed to assist individuals achieve their ideal health in person or on their device. There are no contracts needed, no fancy workout gear required, and no unnecessary expectations. All that is needed is for one to be themselves. We can get through all things by setting our mind to the task at hand and working together to accomplish your health and wellness goals.

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We strive to enrich our members with the knowledge of what their body needs. No one person is the same, so cookie cutter concepts don’t work. Find the answers you’ve been looking for and take control of your health!

Nutrition Accountability

Enhance your knowledge for nutrition that fits your preferences while keeping yourself accountable.

Customized Exercise Programing

Be evaluated and receive unlimited workouts based on what your body needs.

What We Offer

Our Kapitol Services

Products and programs for all phases of life. Accommodating your needs and your budget!
Plans & Services
Plans & Services
providing a wide variety of services in person or virtually. Training in the comfort of your own home with no worries of equipment accessibility. All plans and services provide accountability and efficiency in achieving your ideal health.
How you fuel your body determines how you feel. Feeding your body with the right sources of nutrients primes your body for the work it needs to do. Regardless of what the focus is (losing weight, gaining muscle, or detoxifying your system), food selection is key to enhancing your health from the inside out.
Focused Programs
Focused Programs
Programs aimed to targeting preferences along with necessity. Rehabilitate your body from specific aches and pains OR enhance specific areas through sculpting your desired body type.

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"Our company was designed to help you establish better habits that over time help you gain the energy you need to do the things you want to do!"
Founder of Kapitol Health

Program That Fits You

Focused Programs

Pre-designed workout programs targeting specific muscle groups.

Browse all our great focused programs.

No cardboard on the menu.

You don't have to
eat dirt to BE healthy!

It’s a fact that change is hard. Instead of making it more difficult, lets be practical and create habits that are sustainable for a lifetime. Most people jump into a concept for change only to find themselves becoming overwhelmed or quitting their new journey. If you don’t like or have time for meal prepping ….don’t do it! If you can’t stand kale….don’t force yourself to eat it! Change doesn’t have to suck!

Over 500

Meal Plans Created


New Habits Created

1020 +

Lives Changed

what we do

Why we are different?

We provide you with solutions to obtaining your ideal health. Our job is to mold ourselves to you and your needs, not the other way around. Our team of Infinite Health Instructors are equipped to handle a wide variety of issues. This way you are getting the most personalized health expert out there!

Fitness & Nutrition Accountability

We assess you first! We need to know about you and how your body works in order to determine the most effective and efficient way to accomplishing your health goals.

Support & Motivation

Everybody needs somebody in their corner. We’ve got your back, helping you get where you need to be by focusing on the journey forward.

A Clear Health Journey

Your Road Map To Achieving Your Ideal Health

Create your balance from within by giving what your mind, body, and energy need through exercise, nutrition, and spiritual balance.
Examine Your Habits
Commit To Evolve
Customize your Plan
Live Your True Self

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What We Offer

Our Latest News & FAQ

Enriched nutrition is one of the keys to a healthy life. You can boost your health by
keeping a track well-balanced diet plan.

the app is free for all to download and use. All people should know what is going on with their body and what they need to do to achieve their ideal health. The app itself is platform for individuals to be assessed nutritionally and physically so you are getting the most accurate recommendations that actually apply to you. There are also some great free features on the app including 2 sample workouts, learning what muscles are working to much and those working to little, along with over 100 stretching video demonstrations on how to reduce specific muscle tension. There is also plenty of tips and tricks for nutrition to get yourself start out right. If you are needing accountability and looking for customized exercise and nutrition guidance, subscribe to the app for a monthly fee of $20 for custom workouts, $10 premium nutrition, and $30 for both.

Absolutely. One of the reasons it was created was to help all individuals no matter what their current physical state is. Exercises in the app range from movements as simple as rehabilitative from post surgery to insane asylum butt kicking workouts. The nutrition part of the app is completely designed around your body type, your activity, your goals, and incorporates food allergy/sensitivity awareness in addition to specific issues one might have such as high blood pressure or diabetes.


We wanted to create something that was safe and affordable, but also gave people the answers they needed.  To many companies out there give out hope only to find the client paying an arm and a leg for answers about their body!  There are also other companies out there that claim they can find whats wrong with you in their surveys and get you on track. Only to come find that you get stocked with thousands of emails pitching you your answers but for a sum.  Why not turn the tides and provide the answers for people about their bodies and if they need help implementing it….we are here to help.   You deserve to know whats going on with your body and Kapitol healths mission is to debunk the fads and trends to stop people from being mislead.
We are always looking for members wanting to join the Kapitol health team.  Our time of new hires varies, so let us know of your interest through our contact us page and someone will get back to you!

Since the app isn’t out yet the only way to get access it to join our Founders Club! Aside from getting early access to the app you also recieve 50 premium stretching videos

App Coming Soon

Find what your body has been missing through customized workouts and premium nutrition guidance.
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