It has been said that underlying illness is what allows an attack of Covid-19 to spread and reach the potential of hospitalizations or even death.  This Virus given the population a very rude awakening for a majority of the world to start dealing with their health.  This is not the time to give the excuses of times past of “I just haven’t been able to fit it in”…or “I tried but I couldn’t stick to it”.  The fact is…the many health professionals that approach you; even though it be their job to build clientele, they are truly working to help you seek change.  The change is for your better interest.  The change is for YOUR greater good.  Assessing your current health and finding the needs for improvement have now in this day and age become a necessity for survival. 

                Regardless of how harmful this virus is…the proof is in the science.  Increasing levels of vitamin D ( exposure to sunlight) boosts immune responses by reducing flu risk and cancer prevention.  It also helps fight against depression, aids weight loss, and assists in proper absorption of other nutrients.    Keeping up with activity levels can reduce your mortality rate with any disease.  This is where tracking steps daily can be essential in keeping ahead of the masses.  Step tracking has become one of the most efficient ways for individuals to gage their daily activity level on a consistent basis.  Those that are pulling in over 8,000 steps in day reduce their risk of mortality of disease by 51%.  However, those that acquire more than 12,000 or more increase their rate by 65%. 

                My primary point in all of this is to fix the problem as the problem reveals itself.  To many times we are prescribed medication after medication to create a band-aid effect for the issues we are facing.  If we take the time to search for the underlying issue….we just might fix the initial problem.  This means…if you receive results back from your annual blood work that indicate elevated cholesterol levels….make the changes to reduce cholesterol.  If you suffer from high blood pressure, refrain from activities that are influencing your blood pressure to elevate.  It is easier said than done.  Making these adjustments require change.  Change is hard.  Change takes time. But if time is of the essence….we don’t have a lot of it!  For those of us that survive this pandemic….don’t wait for another to make the decision of your life existence.

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