How do you react under pressure?

Don’t be a Karen!

Today a lot of us are witnessing a lot of what the public call “Karen’s”.  Now, for those of you who don’t know, this term generally means that this particular individual is acting up surd and is losing there ever loving mind over something silly or unnecessary. Be that as it may, what is really going on here?  Do you actually think that people are generally that crazy?  Some of you are jumping at the “YES they are” response, but bare with me.  People don’t just roll out of bed with the mindsight to go bitch at anyone that will listen.  Usually people have been pushed in some way or another.  Usually they have gotten to a point of cracking because of high stress and uncomfortability.  So what we are witnessing is someone’s reaction to pressure.  Where does that leave us?

If we as a people shun off the very people that are in their most desperate time of need and care….what does that say about us?  There are some people that can not be helped.  There are some people that need more professional assistance, but we as good thoughtful people can at least ask someone “are you okay?”.  Sometimes just asking that question can awaken someone out of their panicked mindset to realize that they are acting irrational. 

How do you react under pressure?  Do you want to burrow yourself under a blanket and hide from the world?  Do you run it off?  Do you drink away your feelings?  

All of these things provide one solid thing….avoidance.  It ultimately doesn’t fix anything.  In our darkest days, we at the very least have to face the things that have brought us to new lows.  Avoidance never makes anything go away. It just gives it more power over us until we decide to act.  So I am asking you….are you okay?  If your answer to that is no…what can we do about it?  What is the first step that would help you get moving forward and headed in the right direction?

Never fear the impossible. We will work through it. Reach out to those that can help and you’ll be surprised by the response.  Don’t allow yourself to turn into another Karen of the world. 

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