Tips to Transform

  • Step One
    • Make sure your goals are attainable & Establish why this goal is Important!
      • Having a realistic goal makes the likeliness in succeeding practical. Once your approaching success towards this goal, we can always create new goals.  The first step is picking a goal that is important to you in the NOW and developing the connection of what it means to you if you did not succeed.
        • Sample Goals: “I want to run and jump outside with my child without becoming breathless”  OR “I want to rock this smokin’ hot dress at for my anniversary dinner”.  Connecting the goal to something emotionally important to you will keep you motivated as your taking the steps to accomplishing it.
      • Step Two
        • Pick a practical time frame to accomplish your goal!
          • Choosing a deadline date will keep you accountable in attaining your goals. It is best to pick an event coming up in the future like a wedding, graduation, or family reunion.  It will keep you motivated and looking forward to your transformation.
        • Step Three
          • Break your goals into simplistic baby goals & reward yourself as you accomplish them! *REWARDS SHOULD BE GOAL ENHANCING
            • If you have a goal of losing 50 lbs., you will need to figure out the changes that need to be made to lose those 50 lbs. Sometimes doing all those changes at once can be overwhelming and create a burnt out effect.  Simplify the goals into little steps and master one at a time.  It takes 21 days to adapt…so pick 1-2 changes needed and work at those for 21 days.  Then pick another 1-2 changes and work at those for another 21 days.  Eventually you’ll find that all your changes have become a habit and are part of your everyday “norm”.
          • Step Four
              • Life has its challenges, so you are bound to make some mistakes during this process. Don’t beat yourself up for your mishaps…learn from them and evolve.  This is a learning process and takes time. 
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