Kaptiol Kleanse


Most people looking to do the kapitol kleanse are those wanting to reset their system, those looking to jump into improving their eating habits, also those thinking they have food issues, along with those wanting to improve their bloodwork/conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.
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There comes a time that we can get in a rut with our nutrition.  This could have been created by eating a lot of the same foods or from eating a lot of the foods we really shouldn’t.  Regardless, sometimes its time for a reset.  This Kapitol kleanse is aimed to cleaning out the crap in your system.  Now most cleanses focus on restricting food calorically.  Not on this program.  This guide allows you to eat whenever you are hungry and as much as you want….As long as its on the APPROVED list!  Supplements are recommended to supply your body with necessary nutritions that have been missing from your body and ensure your body will release what it needs to.  An effective cleanse should last 2weeks-30 days.  If you find that you have lost more than 5 lbs on this cleanse, this is a clear indication that you may be harboring some food sensitive issues.  For more assistance with this, please reach out for a nutrition consult to better guide you through the process of discovering what foods that might be.   (edited) 


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