No Bad Days |

Isn’t it nice living that there aren’t any bad days! 

Most of you are reading that last line and wondering….what in the world is she talking about?

There comes a time in life when you have to broaden your horizons and start looking at each moment as a learning lesson.  One of my favorite terms is “you cant teach an old dog new tricks”.  I love this quote because it shows the ignorance or the excuse that we create for ourselves in accepting the difficult and the obstacles that can stand in the way. But this is the age where everyone is promoting “giving it you’re all”….”there is no challenge to great” ….”skies the limit”….”do what you love”.  If this is the new mental focus of the future….why are we accepting that old dogs cant be taught new tricks. That’s a cop out!

The fact is that it’s all about perspective. If you are a firm believer that everything happens for a reason or to each their own….then i think you can accept that we have a choice in how we walk into each and every day.  We have a choice in seeing the growth that we are capable off.  And more importantly…we have the skills of today to learn the lessons for tomorrow. 

So don’t give up opening your mind to what might be difficult to accept and start opening your mind to the person you are destined to be ….after a couple life lessons from each and every day.  There are no bad days….just bad sentiments.


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