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Stable this was created for the next step up from senioritus or those just looking to improve their balance.  When we were children most of us spent the day running around all day doing all kinds of activities.  This activity keeps our muscles firing and ready for all kinds of twists and turns.  Today, we can look at kids moving around and just feel tired watching them….or dizzy if they are spinning in circles.  As we get older, we perform the same repetitious movements over and over which causes our nerve endings to fire less everywhere else resulting in reduced coordination and muscle combinations from overdeveloped muscles.  Stable this is a great way to get those nerve endings firing and wake the system back up making you feel like a kid again!

Recommendations: 3-4 exercises daily or every other day

Starting with 10 repetitions and increasing 5 reps every week (max out at 30-then add weight starting back at 10 reps)

25 exercise demonstration videos (including progressions)

Equipment needed: sturdy chair or counter top, light weight household item,

*dumbbells beneficial for advancement


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