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As we age our proprioception and VO2 max depletes.  Proprioception is the body’s ability to be aware of our own movement and body placement.  If proprioception decreases, our chances of falling and not being able to prevent injury via knowing where our limbs are to help catch us in the midst of the fall can be a deal breaker.  VO2 max determines how much oxygen our heart is able to distribute to the rest of the body during activity.  Decreasing levels of VO2 max is the primary reason we start getting huffy puffy when its time to carry that laundry basket up and down the stairs.    However, physical activity can delay and/or reduce the speed to which it both decline!  Leaving you feeling some of the symptoms of aging much less.  These exercises were designed for those looking to stay active in but in a safe effective way.

Recommendations: 3-4 exercises daily or every other day

Starting with 10 repetitions and increasing 5 reps every week (max out at 30-then add weight starting back at 10 reps)

25 exercise demonstration videos

Equipment needed:  Sturdy chair, band, and light weight house hold item.

*dumbbell beneficial for advancement

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