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Being that the foot and ankle are at the base of the human body, this means that a dysfunction in this area of the body can profoundly effect the entire human movement system.   When you think about how much our feet have to put up with carrying every single day, it’s a shame that we don’t give them more attention.  The ankle itself has significant value to the connection to the rest of the body.  Misalignment or muscular imbalances within this region affects everything going up the body.  You wouldn’t build a house with a big pebble cracking through the foundation.  Anklets was designed to provide your body with the proper foundations from the bottom up.

Recommendations: 3-4 exercises daily or every other day

Starting with 10 repetitions and increasing 5 reps every week (max out at 30-then add weight starting back at 10 reps)

19  exercise demonstration videos (including progressions)

5 targeted stretching areas

Equipment needed: Band and Sturdy chair or countertop.  Foam roller (optional, but not required)


What Will I Learn?

  • Proper Foundation
  • Strong Ankles

Topics for this course

1 Lessons20m

Anklets Workout Library

Workout Videos

Target Audience

  • People that are looking to build a solid foundation for your body.
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